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Old Man Finnegan’s

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Old Man Finnegan’s Premium Beard Care was founded by a Houston native who wanted more for his beard. For several years he experimented and created his own high-quality oils, refusing to cut corners and testing them out on his bearded friends until perfection. When he was ready to launch, he wanted the packaging and identity to reflect his passion for the product, his Irish family roots, and his love of vintage motorcycles.


The wordmark is set in Ethlinn, a modern Celtic typeface with a recognizable character and spirit. The color red is not only present in the Finnegan family crest but also represents strength, determination, passion, and energy—all traits held by a creative entrepreneur who develops premium beard oils carefully by hand.

Inspired by the prominent numbers used to identify vintage motorcycle racers, each scent is labeled by a different number—the large cool grey number and geometric sans serif typeface used for the scent name provide a modern element that perfectly balances the nostalgic Celtic type.